The woman behind :

My name is Joana and I've always been drawn to art, creation, and the handcraft.

In 2013, after graduating from Interior Design school in Paris, FRANCE, the inspiration and adventure of Mena.K Jewelry began while traveling through Essaouira, MORROCCO.
I had the opportunity to witness traditional jewelry making, watching artisans shape silver pieces before engraving them with Tuareg symbols. This experience sparked my desire to learn this facsinating craft. Once back in Paris, I bought a blowtorch and spent several months experimenting with silverwork on my own.

In 2014, I journeyed to Latin America to develop my skills. In Tasco, MEXICO, I mentored with a master jeweler who taught me all his techniques. I then moved to Bogotá, COLOMBIA to attend a jewelry school. Highly inspired by traveling, and the knowledge I'd digested, I set up shop in Bogotá, birthing Mena. K Jewelry, working and living for the next 6 years. 

In 2020 I landed in the coastal redwoods of CALIFORNIA. Taken by the beauty of the area I moved Mena.K Jewerly to its forever home in beautiful Laytonville.

My jewelry is inspired by my travels and the beauty of nature, with a fresh, trendy, and minimalist combination. I like to know that jewelry can travel and age with us, that it simply stands the test of time.

Each piece is entirely handcrafted:

I solder, I forge, I polish the material to give it shape, bringing the piece of silver to an original piece of jewelry.

All my pieces are unique, containing a story from the moment they are conceived, by wearing this jewel, you take a memory with you and continue its story.

  • Stones

    The stones are collected from India and South America throughout my travels and are also U.S. sourced.
    By chosing materials myself, I am senstitive to their stories, creating jewelry around their shapes, colors and how they inspire me.

  • Metals

    All metals are U.S. sourced. I select my suppliers for their ethical values and who they are, taking great care to find quality sources.